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Via Eleonora d'Arborea n° 16 - Macomer (Nu)

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  • via Eleonora d'Arborea n° 16
  • Tel : 347 38 05 902



Casa Castori is an old and historical building situated in the centre of the old town of Macomer. Macomer is located within the fascinating area of Marghine. This region, which takes its name from the mountain chain of the area, occupies the mid-west of the island giving it a strategic position. It is easily reachable by road or rail from any other location in Sardinia; from the breathtaking west coast to the wild peaks of the Gennargentu mountains in the centre of the island (an area known as Barbagia). tamuli

The geografic area of Marghine includes ten towns placed in a teritory that is extremely rich in natural beauty and archeological sites of a national cultural importance. Such archeological sites belong to the “Nuragic” area which flourished in the bronze age. The incredible variety of ruins left behind are easily accessable (Dolmen, necropolis, Nuragic villages and The tomb of Giants). You can also admire Roman and Spanish churches, an incredibly rich selection of handcrafted products, local food and wine as well as ancient local tradition.


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